About us

We collect goods that are excellent both in quality and taste, therefore we get bio, chemical-free ingredients grown under biological plant protection and finished products made of these that meet the standards even of a Michelin star restaurant.

Our goal is to bring the delicacies of small domestic producers to the tables of every family with the help of our partners, as natural flavours and products made with the traditional process together contribute to a varied, healthy diet.

Zsolt Balog
Managing Director

I am the originator and founder of Supp.li. With my team, we strive to support the market entry of Hungarian small producers and farmers. We serve foreign and domestic commercial chains with local products that are excellent in quality and taste. I consider it important that together we bring healthy, safe bio and chemical-free ingredients and delicious finished products to the families’ tables.

Why Supp.li?
effective logistics
customer service
sales support
all-inclusive marketing
eco-friendly solutions
For Purchasers

All the year round we provide high-quality products produced by farmers and small-scale domestic producers. Thanks to the constantly growing number of producers, a wide range of products is available. We can also serve special needs, so even cultivation is possible.

All logistics, payments and product management are processed through Supp.li thus the purchase of supplies is being simplified.

We support online, offline and point-on-sale communication and campaigns, online and offline product sales.

The protection of our environment is important for us, so we pay close attention to methods of packaging. We favour returnable and recyclable packaging for products where this is possible.

For Producers

Our company is a digitalized aggregator that provides support for an easy and effective market entry, and also helps customers and consumers to buy domestic and high-quality products. We know that for producers sales, logistics and marketing take a lot of effort. We do perform these tasks in order to enable them to focus on production only. We highly favour returnable and recyclable packaging, so we encourage all our partners to use these.

Key Suppliers
Alföldi Garabonciás

Their delicacies are made from whole milk in Izsák based on a traditional recipe. Their goat farm is located near Kiskunság National Park, that was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 1979.

Csoroszlya Farm

The farm is located in Szár where ecological farming is practiced for sustainable feeding and in order to preserve the ecosystem of Vértes.

Organic Kingdom

Vegetables and fruits from an intact, less explored environment, Kölcse, where ecological cultivation takes place. Their products are certified bio vegetables and fruits.

Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of products are available and how can I order them?

Fresh vegetables and fruits are available seasonally, dairies, meats and processed products while stock lasts as per the producer. For our complete offer feel free to contact our colleague. Orders are taken only at order@supp.li e-mail address.

Who may join in with their products?

All small producers, primary producers and co-operatives who produce quality raw materials or finished products with a homemade taste and can deliver them to our warehouse in Budapest free of charge. It is also important that our future partner has to have a tax id and has to be able to issue an invoice.

I run a bio farm, do I need a certificate?

Yes, if your products are certified bio products, a certificate is required in all cases.

What do I need to know about shipping and billing?

Please deliver to our warehouse in Budapest free of charge between 8:00am and 4:00 pm on weekdays. Quantities should be agreed upon one week in advance, this number may change following the introduction of product(s). We ask for a transfer invoice for the products, preferably via e-mail, that will be paid with a minimum 21 days transfer.

Is EAN code/weight code necessary?

Yes. For a fee we can provide EAN and weight code, but an EAN code is always required for the identification of the products.


If you are interested and would like to join our community, or as a purchaser you would like to get more information, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to respond.

E-mail address:

Warehouse: 1087 Budapest Hős u. 2/a.
Address: 5000 Szolnok Hild Viktor út 5. 6/51
Office: 1054 Budapest Szemere u. 9/a fsz.3